Welcome to the home of That Computer Scientist. My name is @bobby, and this is my personal website. I aim to build a retro looking personal website, where I share my thoughts, ideas, and experiences through articles, and will showcase some cool nostalgic features and tools.

Please note that I am continuously working on this site, and it is still under construction. So, not all features are available yet, and some features may not work as intended. It's hard to support older browsers, alright?

Also, To participate around various sections of the site, you will need to register for an account. I hope you enjoy your stay here.

  • Jan 03, 2023: Browser Support Update: There might be a few rendering issues in older versions of IE, however, using third party browsers like the latest supported version of Netscape, will render as intended. Also, it shall also be noted that some browsers might try to fetch the SSL version of the site (e.g. Chrome on Windows XP). Using any other browser works (yes, even IE!). Firefox even supports SSL (need to add exception). Since I am under no obligation to support all the browsers, I have no plans to fix this issue.

    Also, who uses XP anymore? I am crazy enough to support those browsers, but that doesn't mean you also go crazy and start using one! That will be too crazy now, wouldn't it? Until next time!

  • Nov 12, 2022: The website is now compatible with older browsers like Internet Explorer 6+, Classilla 9.x, Firefox 3.1, and more. Older browser can access the site on HTTP only, but if you can load HTTPS on some browsers (like Firefox) and add exception, then good for you. Modern browsers will auto-redirect to HTTPS.

    However all this being said, some / all pages might face rendering issues or even fail to load completely in some browsers. In that case, I would suggest you to use the latest supported browser for your operating system.

    Generally speaking, any Windows 9X+ or Mac OS 9+ system can use the website with the latest supported version of any compatible browser. However, for best experience I would suggest to use at least Windows XP or Mac OS X releases.

  • Oct 02, 2022: Updates section is now available on the blog. This section shows all the recent new features added to the website and where to find them.


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Another Post

Posted on Jan 27, 2023 by bobby in Demo

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New Demo Post

Posted on Dec 29, 2022 by bobby in Demo

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